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NI Week 2017 is a Huge Success

The AYVA Team headed to Austin for the 23rd annual ‘NI Week’ hosted by National Instruments, our newest Academic Partner.

We attended sessions focusing on Circuits and Design, Wireless Communication, the Internet of Things (IOT) and Mechatronics – to name just a few.


We also explored ways to maximize student laboratory time and to drive project-based learning outcomes.  Several educators who were transforming their teaching labs using products from the NI Ecosystem were in attendance to share their successes.

It was a first-class event and we hope to identify a few academic thought leaders who can accompany us next year for NI Week 2018!

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University of Calgary’s Mixed Adsorption Desorption PIGNAT Installation

Pictured above are Paige Deitsch and Jean-Marc Labonte from the University of Calgary. The Chemical and Petroleum Engineering Labs at University of Calgary are a showcase for PIGNAT’s training equipment designed to enhance learning for their undergraduate students.

Last week, Regis Rodriguez, the product specialist from Lyon, France was onsite to commission the new Mixed Adsorption Desorption: Gas & Liquid Adsorption, the latest addition to their state-of-the-art labs. Paige’s labs already boast a Spray Dryer and a Controlled Reverse Osmosis from this world-class industrial manufacturer.

AYVA has partnered with PIGNAT to equip Chemical Engineering as well as Environmental Engineering Labs at colleges and universities across Canada. Customers appreciate the quality and industrial components but what impresses them most is PIGNAT’s willingness to customize the products to best suit their needs. Educators can choose whether to be trained in France or to have an experienced chemical engineer from PIGNAT conduct on-site training.

Click here for an overview of PIGNAT’s training equipment.

Mixed Adsorption Desorption: Gas & Liquid Adsorption
Spray Dryer
Controlled Reverse Osmosis

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University of the Fraser Valley’s Automation and Robotics Lab

Last week, AYVA’s Jason Peng visited the University of the Fraser Valley’s (UFV) Automation and Robotics Lab where he had the opportunity to see two of KUKA’s KR6 Robots in action.

The pair of KR6 robots await orders from a remote computer with a programmed script of their operation.

UFV’s robotics instructor Avner Bachar awakens one of the robots to showcase what his students have programmed. In a matter of seconds the robot boots up and begins motioning, the actuators can be heard working the 6-degrees of freedom, and the sound of pneumatic hisses activating the vacuum gripper that Avner and his team cleverly devised using a 3D printed adapter. The robot then begins its job of picking and placing cups on a bottling station where it puts an empty cup onto a conveyor, waits for the cup to be filled, empties it into a reservoir tank and stacks it.

Avner notes that graduates have gone on to work in industry, anywhere from brewing companies to PLC control for egg-sorting in local farms.

Who knew robots could have such a delicate touch.

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KR 3 AGILUS – Maximum Performance | Minimum Space

Kuka’s KR 3 AGILUS is ideal for use in 600 x 600 mm automation cells since it enables automation in confined spaces and reaches maximum performance in minimum space.

Thanks to its intelligent design, the KR 3 AGILUS is cost-effective, requires minimal maintenance and is highly reliable. The KR 3 AGILUS is optimized for the production of the smallest components and products. For example, for applications such as the assembly of small parts, Pick & Place, screw fastening, brazing, adhesive bonding, packaging, testing & checking and much more.

Wherever minimum cycle times and maximum output in production are needed, the KR 3 AGILUS – one of the fastest robots in its class – is ideally suited for the task.

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The APAS assistant from BOSCH offers a variable, intelligent robot system for the direct, safe and contact-free collaboration of man and machine.


  • Unique robot kinematics with specially developed sensor skin
  • Safe, contact-free collaboration without the need for a safety fence
  • Intuitive control and interaction concepts for user-friendly operation
  • Support with monotonous, simple or ergonomically challenging movements
  • Integration into existing production lines


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AYVA Educational Solutions Ltd. was launched in 2008 as the new Canadian distributor for PASCO Scientific. Our PASCO Canada division offers a complete range of traditional physics equipment and award-winning data acquisition systems for chemistry, biology, earth and physical sciences.

In recent years we expanded our product offerring to include the best-in-class training equipment for undergraduate engineering labs. Today we are the exclusive Canadian distributor for TecQuipment (England), Pignat and Erides (France), Elettronica Veneta (Italy), Marcraft (USA), as well as KUKA Robotics and Bosch Rexroth (Germany).

In 2017 we moved into our new building in Oakville, Ontario so we could further grow the AYVA Team and better serve our loyal customers.

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