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NI Week 2017 is a Huge Success

The AYVA Team headed to Austin for the 23rd annual ‘NI Week’ hosted by National Instruments, our newest Academic Partner.

We attended sessions focusing on Circuits and Design, Wireless Communication, the Internet of Things (IOT) and Mechatronics – to name just a few.


We also explored ways to maximize student laboratory time and to drive project-based learning outcomes.  Several educators who were transforming their teaching labs using products from the NI Ecosystem were in attendance to share their successes.

It was a first-class event and we hope to identify a few academic thought leaders who can accompany us next year for NI Week 2018!

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Rhonda & Craig Invade LA – NSTA 2017 Recap

We were thrilled to attend this year’s NSTA national conference in Los Angeles.

Our first destination was the exhibit hall where PASCO had a very lively booth with several interactive displays.  By far the biggest hit  was the ‘Match Graph’ challenge with a super-sized Smart Cart.  Who knew that learning could be this much fun!  Check out the video to see my less than stellar attempt.

PASCO’s booth was fun, however, the real action was in the teacher facilitated workshops.  In total PASCO had 20 unique hands-on sessions that were over flowing with enthusiastic teachers.  Time didn’t allow us to see all the sessions, but we did manage to squeeze our way into a very energetic session on the new Modular Circuit Kits.  Teachers had a great time ignoring instructions and spent most of the session designing their own unique circuits – obviously investigative learning is not just for students.

We were also fortunate enough to get a seat at PASCO’s workshop session on climate change.  The session featured several hands-on modeling activities, including an investigation where teachers used the Wireless pH sensor to monitor the mitigating effects of natural buffers on acid rain.  The biggest hit of the session was seeing PASCO’s new Wireless Carbon Dioxide sensor in action.  Teachers were excited to discover that a reliable, practical and affordable way to measure CO2 has finally arrived.

Over the next week we’ll share some more videos on our adventures at the conference.




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AYVA Goes to Germany for i4.0 Training

After a tour of the Trade Fair Didacta in Stuttgart, AYVA’s President, Dianne Beveridge, headed to Bosch Rexroth’s training facility, along with representatives from more than 20 countries.  The focus was on Bosch’s new i4.0 Mechatronics System with Open Core Engineering and an Active Cockpit to better support the Internet of Things (IOT) – all of which can be found in their factories around the world.  There was also considerable excitement around the APAS, Bosch’s new collaborative robot which has been winning numerous awards and accolades.

Emerging countries like India and Mexico, as well as Thailand and England, shared stories of Government, Industry and Academia coming together to create Centres of Excellence to better prepare students for highly skilled careers in Industry 4.0.  Unfortunately, Canada appears to be lagging behind with respect to such initiatives.  But just last month a Canadian delegation went to Gujaret in India to visit Smart Cities and institutions who are focussing on Industry 4.0 and IOT.  The Technical University in Gujaret is a showcase for Bosch Rexroth’s state of the art mechatronics and hydraulics automation cells.

We at AYVA look forward to identifying and partnering with Colleges and Universities in Canada who would like to take the lead on this front.

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Conférence Annuelle AESTQ / Annual Conference

Quentin PASCO booth

Comme chaque année a eu lieu la semaine dernière la conférence annuelle de l’AESTQ. PASCO et le représentant pour le Québec Quentin Dus étaient à nouveau bien présents, avec un kiosque et une grande nouveauté à présenter : les capteurs sans-fil. Plusieurs visiteurs ont pu essayer les capteurs de température, pression, voltage, ou encore pH, et collecter des données sur tablette ou téléphone. Le chariot sans-fil a également connu un grand succès auprès des enseignants de physique : ce chariot “tout-en-un” rend les expériences de mécaniques plus simples et abordables que jamais, en permettant de collecter simultanément la position, force, accélération et la vitesse.

Merci à l’AESTQ pour avoir organisé ce beau congrès, et merci à tous les enseignants qui sont venus nous rencontrer au kiosque PASCO !


The Quebec Science Teachers Association held its annual conference last week, and PASCO was present as well, with a booth and its new and exciting wireless sensors range. Visitors were able to try out wireless sensors such as temperature, pressure or voltage, and collect data on a tablet or a phone. The Smart Cart was also very popular among Physics teachers, who enjoyed the simplicity, versatility and affordability of this “all-in-one” cart collecting force, position, speed and velocity simultaneously.

We would like to thank the AESTQ organization, and all the teachers who came by our booth!

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Success at 2016 STAO Conference

The 2016 conference was a great success!STAO_blog

We were delighted with the STAO Playground area and were very fortunate to be involved in this new initiative. We really appreciate the enthusiasm that everyone had for the new interactive environment and the time spent interacting with our experiments and technologies.

Thank you to Clayton Ellis of David Suzuki SS, Melanie Ball and the wonderful team from Goderich DCI for presenting such informative and engaging workshops.

Please look for our workshops and playground at next years’ STAO.


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AYVA Educational Solutions Ltd. was launched in 2008 as the new Canadian distributor for PASCO Scientific. Our PASCO Canada division offers a complete range of traditional physics equipment and award-winning data acquisition systems for chemistry, biology, earth and physical sciences.

In recent years we expanded our product offerring to include the best-in-class training equipment for undergraduate engineering labs. Today we are the exclusive Canadian distributor for TecQuipment (England), Pignat and Erides (France), Elettronica Veneta (Italy), Marcraft (USA), as well as KUKA Robotics and Bosch Rexroth (Germany).

In 2017 we moved into our new building in Oakville, Ontario so we could further grow the AYVA Team and better serve our loyal customers.

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