Bosch Rexroth APAS Collaborative Robotics



The direct and secure collaboration between man and machine plays a central role in the Industry 4.0. Where rigid boundaries are overcome and safe human-machine cooperation possible, new cooperation models can be created for increased economy at maximum efficiency.

Intelligent Man-Machine cooperation

Focus on Man

The more varied and complex modern production processes are, the more urgently it’s needed: the human touch. Supported by the precision and stamina of our production assistants, human beings remain indispensable as problem-solvers and decision-makers. With APAS workstation Bosch creates a joint workspace for man and machine – adjusted to the user. Intuitive concepts for interaction and control guarantee communication between man and machine at its best. Bosch Collaborative Robotics are easy to use without needing extensive specialist knowledge or previous experience.

Focus on Machine

It’s no coincidence that Bosch dubbed the APAS line assistants: These robots assist operators wherever they need it e.g. with work involving special safety considerations, simple and monotonous or ergonomically challenging procedures. The prerequisite for this to work: the direct and safe interplay of man and machine. To make that happen, the APAS assistant delivers 100% contact-free interaction with operators: as soon as it senses impending contact with the operator, it instantly stops, then resumes its work where it left off as soon as the operator is no longer in its immediate vicinity. The result: a collision-free workspace in which man and machine truly work with one another, not simply beside one another. Together, the two boost productivity and efficiency without ever compromising workplace safety.