PIGNAT Automated Biological Treatment – TAE3000




Demonstrate the various stages of wastewater treatment through the reproduction of the activated sludge process in an automated system.

Study of the sewage treatment process:

  • Strictly aerobic
  • Aerobic and anoxic by aeration syncopating
  • Aerobic and anoxic in separated basins

Conduct the process of wastewater treatment:

  • Called activated sludge treatment
  • Process monitoring
  • Search for optimal treatment parameters


  • Alarm management
  • pH and O2 control
  • Sludge recycling management
  • Production of polluted water

Proposed experiments:

  •  Study of the purification with aerobic treatment:
    • Treatment efficiency calculation (COD, BOD5).
    • Optimization of operating parameters (aeration, extraction and recirculation of sludge).
  • Study of nitrogen treatment:
    • Treatment of nitrogen in separated anoxic basin or by syncopating of aeration in the aerobic tank.
    • Treatment efficiency calculation (COD, BOD5, nitrate).

Technical description:

  • Tank, 200L polyethylene, removable lid, draining valve and level detector.
  • Peristaltic feeding pump, On/Off integrated switch, variable speed, flow transmitter with 4-20 mA feedback signal to the controller.
  • Anoxic tank, 18 L, removable lid, three taps for measuring pH, dissolved oxygen and redox, a sampling orifice, stirring motor and three paddle helix, dip pipe for introduction of liquid, draining valve.
  • Mixed liquor recycling pump,variable speed and draining valve.
  • Aerobic tank, 60 L, two taps for measuring dissolved oxygen, pH or redox, a sampling orifice, stirring motor and two Rushton turbines (height adjustable), dip pipe for introduction of liquid, air diffuser, draining valve. Vessel with two overflow levels.
  • Sludge recycling pump, variable speed, isolating valves for recycling to the aerobic tank or to the anoxic tank.
  • Settler, 30 L, stirring motor and scraping blades mobile, draining valve, venting overflow with sampling
  • Air circuitry : compressor, flow meter and flow rate setting valve, air diffuser in aerobic tank.
  • Water supply : isolating valve, activated carbon filter for water dechlorination.

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