PIGNAT Controlled Absorption & Regeneration Unit – OTP-ABS


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The solute migration phenomenon from the gas to the liquid phase occurs when both phases are contacted in the packing of the reverse flow absorption column. This highlights the absorption operation (solvent purification). The regeneration phenomenon is observed on the second column, which is continuously fed.

An energy-saving heat exchanger is placed between the two columns to optimize the power spent on the unit. A second heat exchanger is placed on the absorption side to cool the fluid returning to the head of the column. The third heat exchanger, placed on the regeneration side, allows the solution to be heated in order to be regenerated in column 2.

The use of such a unit allows one to remove CO2 from air using monoethanol amine and to recover pure CO2 to capture it.

Proposed Experiments:

  • Determine the hydrodynamic properties of the column:
    • Overflooding point determination.
    • Packing factor definition using Lobo diagram.
  • Study absorption of CO2 by MEA (methyl ethylamine) & NaOH solution:
    • Molar balance on solute CO2.
    • Column efficiency calculation and definition of HUT/NUT.
    • Showing that absorption is an exothermic process.

Control Loops:

  • CO2 flow rate feeding
  • Air flow rate feeding
  • Feeding temperature for the absorption column
  • Feeding temperature for the regeneration column
  • Reboiler temperature

The unit can be operated by DeltaV DCS control system or INVENSYS DCS control system

Unit delivered with educational handbook and technical documentation

Technical Description:

  • Absorption:
    • Stainless steel gear pump.
    • Stainless steel heat exchanger (cooler).
    • Two section of glass column. Packing: Raschig rings in glass.
    • Cool exchanger line allows to cool the solvent.
  • Regeneration:
    • Two section of glass regeneration column. Packing: Rashig rings in glass.
    • Glass exchanger shell, stainless steel tube, system reflux.
    • A stainless steel heat exchanger, with steam pneumatic control valve.
    • Thermosiphon reboiler with glass shell and a stainless steel tube heat exchanger heated by steam.

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