PASCO Materials Stress-Strain Experiment – EX-9928B

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In this experiment, students test a variety of materials by stretching them until failure under the tensile load. The sample is placed in the holder and firmly held on both ends. By turning the hand crank, the sample is stretched in one dimension. During the stretching, the Force Sensor measures the applied force through the 5 to 1 lever arm. This allows the maximum allowable force in the experiment to be 250 N. Simultaneously, the Rotary Motion Sensor measures the stretch of the sample real-time. Using DataStudio software, the stress and strain can be calculated and graphed versus one another. The slope of the stress-strain graph in the elastic region is known as Young’s Modulus. The transition between elastic and plastic deformation is known as the Yield Point; this point can be easily determined from the DataStudio graph.

PASCO Advantage:
Students can experience the tensile failure of various materials and collect critical measurements real-time with PASCO probeware. DataStudio graphs and calculations can be created to extend student understanding of materials science. The compact size of the Stress-Strain Apparatus makes it ideal for any laboratory or classroom setting.