TecQuipment Unsymmetrical Bending and Shear Centre – STR7

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An experimental apparatus to allow students to investigate deflection and stability within a structure in relation to beams with unsymmetrical sections.

Key features:

  • High-quality structures teaching module for students of mechanical, civil and structural engineering
  • Allows safe and practical experiments into unsymmetrical bending and shear centre
  • Realistic and verifiable experiments results
  • Optional TecQuipment’s Structures Software package for extra ‘virtual’ experiments that simulate and confirm the results from your hardware and allow extended experiments
  • Optional STR2000 unit with TecQuipment’s Structures Software package for automatic data acquisition and virtual experiments
  • One of many interchangeable experiment modules from TecQuipment’s modern, flexible and cost effective structures teaching system
  • Ideal for classroom demonstrations, or students working in pairs or small groups


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