850 Comprehensive Thermodynamics/Waves Bundle

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The complete Waves, Optics, and Thermodynamics bundle of sensors and equipment designed for use with Comprehensive 850 Physics System Experiment Manual. Allows student groups to complete 22 classic physics experiments.


  • Sound Sensor (UI-5101)
  • Energy Transfer – Calorimeter (ET-8499)
  • Precision Diffraction Slits (OS-8453)
  • Basic Optics System (OS-8515C)
  • Green Diode Laser (OS-8458B)
  • Adjustable Focal Length Lens (OS-8494)
  • Color Mixer Accessory Kit (OS-8495)
  • Color Mixer (OS-8496)
  • Red Diode Laser – Basic Optics (OS-8525A)
  • Polarization Analyzer — Basic Optics (OS-8533A)
  • Linear Translator — Basic Optics (OS-8535A)
  • PASPORT Absolute Pressure Sensor (PS-2107)
  • PASPORT Quad Temperature Sensor (PS-2143)
  • PASPORT High Sensitivity Light Sensor (PS-2176)
  • Resonance Boxes: Sympathetic Resonance Box Set (SE-7345)
  • Banana Plug Cord-Red (5 Pack) (SE-9750)
  • Radiation Cans (TD-8570A)
  • Absolute Zero Sphere (TD-8595)
  • Ideal Gas Law Apparatus (TD-8596A)
  • Resonance Air Column (WA-9606)
  • Mini Speaker (WA-9605)
  • String Vibrator (WA-9857A)


1. Heat and Temperature

2. Transfer of Energy by Radiation

3. Specific Heat

4. Electrical Equivalent of Heat

5. Boyle’s Law: P and V of a Gas at Constant T

6. Absolute Zero

7. Behavior and Characteristics of Sound Waves

8. Standing Waves on a String

9. Resonant Modes of Sound in a Tube

10. Speed of Sound in Air

11. Superposition of Sound Waves

12. Interference of Sound Waves

13. Shadow and Color in Light

14. Object and Image Distances for a Thin Lens

15. Light Properties

A. Reflection

B. Refraction

C. Dispersion

16. Focal Length of a Concave Mirror

17. Optical Instruments: Telescope and Microscope

18. Variation of Light Intensity

19. Light Intensity versus Distance

20. Polarization: Verify Malus’ Law

21. Brewster’s Angle

22. Diffraction of Light