Deflection of Beta Particles

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Demonstrate the deflection of beta particles in a magnetic field.

This apparatus can be used on three levels:

  1. Qualitative demonstration of the deflection of beta particles in a magnetic field, including the sign of the charge
  2. Simple beta spectrum, where the energy is determined by reading from a graph
  3. Detailed, relativistic processing of the beta spectrum

The apparatus consists of a pair of permanent magnets with a radioactive source holder. The beta particles are deflected as they pass through the magnetic field. The entire source-and-magnet assembly can be rotated so the deflected beta particles will enter the fixed GM tube. The GM tube can be connected directly to a 550 or 850 Universal Interface (UI-5001 or UI-5000) and the counts can be recorded in PASCO Capstone. Alternatively, the GM tube can be connected to a stand-alone Geiger Counter.