Demo Stock – Rotating Platform & Rotational Motor Drive

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This product is a bundle of 2 products from our marketing departments demo inventory. There is only one unit available. It is in gently used condition.

Overview – Rotating Platform

The stable base and precision bearings of the Rotating Platform provide the foundation of PASCO’s Rotational System. Serves as an excellent base for general rotation experiments.

The Rotating Platform is one major component of the
Complete Rotational System.

Overview – Rotational Motor Drive

The Rotational Motor Drive is an accessory for the Rotational Platform and the Complete Rotational System, powering continuous rotational motion demonstrations.

Also use this motor to drive the Rotational Acceleration Tank at a constant speed. Power the Motor Drive with a ramp function using the DC Programmable Power Supply to smoothly increase the angular speed of the Centripetal Force Accessory.

The motor requires a 12 V DC power supply or a function generator.