Free Fall Apparatus

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The acceleration of gravity (g) can be computed by measuring the drop distance and the free fall time. The apparatus consists of a release mechanism that also acts as the start switch, a switch plate that acts as the stop switch, and conducting balls. The release mechanism and the switch plate are both connected to the Student Timer (not included).

The release mechanism has two contact plates that are shorted when the conducting ball being measured is in place and ready to drop. The steel ball is held in place by a spring-loaded neodymium magnet. Pushing the trigger will cause the ball to drop away from the contact plates, thus opening the counter start circuit just as the fall begins. When the ball hits the switch plate, the timer is stopped.


  • Magnetic release mechanism with mirror
  • Switch Plate
  • 4 gold-plated steel balls (diameters 12 mm and 16 mm)
  • Ping pong ball with the same mass as the 12 mm steel ball