Rotating Platform – Centripetal Force Accessory

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  • Transmitting data wirelessly eliminates friction
  • Uses Wireless Force Acceleration Sensor
  • Vary speed, radius, and mass

The Wireless Centripetal Force Accessory is a low friction sliding mass holder that connects to a Wireless Force Acceleration Sensor (PS-3202). When installed on a Rotating Platform (ME-8951), it provides a simple and direct measurement of centripetal force and acceleration. Vary the mass using the holed masses in the Mass and Hanger Set (ME-8979). The string length is easily adjusted to vary the radius.


Low friction sliding mass holder
Mounting post for force sensor


Wireless Force Acceleration Sensor – PS-3202
Mass and Hanger Set – ME-8979
Rotating Platform – ME-8951
PASCO Capstone – UI-5401-DIG or UI-5401 or UI-5400-DIG or UI-5400