Motion Sensor (NS)

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Motion Sensor II

The Motion Sensor II uses ultrasonic pulse technology to measure the position, velocity and acceleration of its target. It can be mounted to PASCO carts, dynamics tracks, rod stands or used on tabletops.

The “Narrow Beam” setting, for distances from 15 cm to 2 m, provides cleaner data by rejecting false target signals or ignoring air track noise. Use “Standard” setting for distances from 15 cm to 8 m.

Shorter Dead Zone:

  • Detects targets as close as 15 cm from the sensor increasing the effective length of a dynamics track (other motion sensors have a dead zone of 42 cm).

False Target Rejection Circuit:

  • Reduces false signals from objects near the target’s path of motion, giving cleaner data.

PASCO also offers an adapter (CI-6748) if you need to use this sensor with another interface.

Typical Applications

  • Experiments in which both speed and direction are required
  • Study conservation of energy and momentum during collisions
  • Monitor the sinusoidal motion of a mass on a spring
  • Monitor the motion of large objects, such as a student



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