Complete Interferometer System

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Complete Interferometer System

No study of interferometry should overlook the historical importance of the Michelson interferometer. Yet in the laboratory, the Fabry-Perot and Twyman-Green interferometers can be the more important tools; the first for high-resolution spectroscopy, the second for testing and producing optical components with aberrations that can be measured in fractions of a wavelength.

The PASCO Interferometer is a high-precision movable-mirror interferometer that can be used to perform Michelson, Fabry-Perot, and Twyman-Green interferometry. Mirrors are attached with thumbscrews, so it’s easy to set up and change configurations.

The PASCO Interferometer can be ordered in a variety of systems. The Precision (Basic) Interferometer (OS-9255A) can be operated in either the Michelson or Fabry-Perot modes. The Complete Interferometer Systems also contain components for the Twyman-Green mode and a vacuum pump for the refractive index of air experiment.


  • For high-quality fringe patterns, using a laser as a light source is recommended. Spectral sources can also be used, but setup is more difficult, and the brightness and contrast of the fringes is reduced.
  • These interferometer systems are fully compatible with PASCO’s line of Advanced Optics Systems and components.
  • The fitted case will hold all components and accessories except the 5 kg base, which must be stored separately.

Typical Experiments:

  • Introduction to Interferometry
  • The Index of Refraction of Air
  • The Index of Refraction of Glass



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