Diffusion Cloud Chamber 15 cm

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Diffusion Cloud Chamber

The Diffusion Cloud Chamber is used to view high energy alpha particles, lower
energy beta particles, and electrons produced by gamma rays interacting with gas
molecules. The Chamber allows for the viewing of cosmic rays without the need for dry ice or external illumination.


  • Uses ice water instead of dry ice
  • Water circulation pump
  • Built-in high voltage (~800V) power supply for clearing the chamber of unwanted ions
  • Powered by 12V DC power adapter
  • Built-in LED lamps for illuminating the particle trails

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  • Cloud Chamber
  • 12 VDC Power Adapter (6 A)
  • Water Circulation Pump
  • 2 Rubber Hoses
  • Extraction Pipette
  • Source Holder and Stopper
  • High Voltage Connection Cable
  • SpecTech™ Coupon for Pb-210 Source Needle


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