Digital LCR Meter

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Digital LCR Meter

Increase precision of experimental results by measuring in­duc­tance, ca­pac­i­tance and re­sis­tance accurately. Or quickly check dissipation factors for capacitors and 1/Q for inductors before labs to ensure com­po­nents are of good quality.

This light­weight, handheld digital multi-meter is easy to use and accurate. Test leads are included, along with a battery, a protective holster and a manual.


  • Accuracy: 1% or better on most ranges
  • Easy to Use: Push-button selection for all mea­sure­ments
  • Digital Display: 4-1/2 digit backlit LCD
  • Built-in Tilt Stand: For con­ve­nient tabletop use
  • Built-in RS232 with optional Windows compatible software