Mechanical Wave Driver

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Mechanical Wave Driver

Wave Drivers have a basic function; to provide variable-frequency, variable-amplitude mechanical vibrations for the lab. This simple function has endless applications:

  • Driving waves on strings and wires
  • Vibration modes of plates (Chladni)
  • Resonances of wire loops (Bohr atom model)
  • Vibration modes of springs
  • Resonance of anything that vibrates.

Powering the Wave Driver:

Different PASCO products can be used to power the Wave Driver: the Digital Function Generator; or the Power Amplifier combined with a PASCO Interface.


  • Frequency Response: From 0.1 to 5000 Hz with an amplitude of approximately 5 mm up to about 50 Hz.
  • Mounts Vertically or Horizontally: Designed to sit upright on a table, on its side or mounted on a 12.7 mm (1/2 inch) rod.
  • Driving Signal Required: Requires a function generator with a minimum of ±8 V@0.5 A. An accurate measurement of frequency is necessary for quantitative resonance experiments.
  • A Variety of Accessories Available.

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