Intermediate Nuclear Laboratory System

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PASCO’s most sophisticated stand-alone G-M System, providing a wide range of experiments with alpha, beta and gamma radiation. Includes a versatile scaler, a G-M Tube with a mount and trays, and a full set of radioactive sources and absorbers.

The Sources are USNRC License Exempt (US only).  Outside the US, consult local laws and regulations.


  • Radiation Counter with RADEM and LABLINK software and manual
  • G-M Probe (35 mm) and stand
  • USB Cable
  • Calibrated Absorber Set (20)
  • Radioactive Sources (5)
  • Two CDs with installation, instructions and nuclear science experiments


  • Preset Timing and Counting Intervals: (in seconds) 1-9, 10-90, 100-900, 1K-9K, 10K-90K, 100K- 900K. Intervals are selected using the Preset switch.
  • Digital Display: A bright 6-decade digital readout uses extra-large LEDs for clear readout in most ambient light conditions.
  • Built-in Power Supply: 0 to 1200 volts for the G-M Probe.
  • USB and serial interface to Mac and PC

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