Radioactive Sources (Set of 5)

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Radioactive Sources (set of 5)

The following sources are mounted in 2.5 cm diameter sealed plastic disks.

The sources are USNRC License Exempt (US only).  Outside the US, consult local laws and regulations.  

Shown below are the isotopes, activity, half-life and types of radiation (alpha-
α, beta-β;, gamma-γ).


  • Po-210, 0.1 µCi, 138 days, alpha
  • Sr-90, 0.1 µCi, 28.6 years, beta
  • Tl-204, 0.25 µCi, 3.78 years, beta
  • Co-60, 1 µCi, 5.27 years, beta and gamma
  • Cs-137, 0.25 µCi, 30.2 years, beta and gamma


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