Universal 550 Physics Experiment Manual

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In this parallel resistor experiment, the 550 Universal Interface is used as the DC power supply and is used to measure the output voltage and the voltage across the resistors. The Wireless Current Sensor Module is used in-line in the circuit to measure the current in each loo


This complete manual is included with the 550 Universal Physics System (UI-5830). Each experiment consists of student instructions in a Word® document that the instructor can modify as they like, a PASCO Capstone setup file ready for data collection, a Capstone file with sample data, and all the lab equipment required for the experiment. All of this content is provided on a flash drive.


1. Introduction to Measurement
2. Uncertainty and Error Analysis
3. MatchGraph: Position and Velocity vs. Time
4. Instantaneous and Average Speed
5. Constant Acceleration: Graph P, V, A for a Fan Cart
6. Equations of Motion
7. Acceleration of a Freely Falling Ball
8. Acceleration of a Freely Falling Picket Fence
9. Constant Acceleration: Graph P, V, A for a Cart on Incline
10. Projectile Motion
11. Newton’s First Law – No Net Force
12. Newton’s Second Law – Acceleration
13. Newton’s Second Law – Force and Acceleration
14. Newton’s Second Law – Push-Pull a Cart
15. Newton’s Third Law – Tug-of-War
16. Newton’s Laws – Net Force
17. Newton’s Second Law – Atwood’s Machine
18. Friction and Newton’s Second Law
19. Centripetal Acceleration
20. Conservation of Energy – Cart on an Inclined Plane
21. Conservation of Energy for a Simple Pendulum 22. Hooke’s Law and Elastic Potential Energy
23. Work-Energy Theorem: Compare W to ΔE
24. Conservation of Momentum and KE in Collisions
25. Impulse and Change in Momentum
26. Ballistic Pendulum
27. Newton’s Second Law for Rotation
28. Rotational Inertia
29. Rotational Kinetic Energy
30. Conservation of Angular Momentum
31. Simple Harmonic Motion – Mass on a Spring
32. Oscillations of Cart and Springs
33. Physical Pendulum
34. Period of a Large Amplitude Pendulum
35. Archimedes’ Principle – Buoyant Force
36. Heat and Temperature
37. Transfer of Energy by Radiation
38. Specific Heat
39. Boyle’s Law: P and V of a Gas at Constant T
40. Behavior and Characteristics of Sound Waves
41. Resonant Modes of Sound in a Tube
42. Speed of Sound in Air 43. Superposition of Sound Waves
44. Interference of Sound Waves
45. Object and Image Distances for a Thin Lens
46. Reflection and Refraction
47. Focal Length of a Concave Mirror
48. Optical Instruments: Telescope and Microscope
49. Variation of Light Intensity
50. Light Intensity vs. Distance
51. Polarization: Verify Malus’ Law
52. Brewster’s Angle
53. Diffraction of Light
54. Electrostatic Charges
55. Electric Field Mapping
56. Ohm’s Law
57. Series and Parallel Circuits
58. Kirchhoff’s Laws
59. RC Circuit
60. General Properties of Diodes
61. Magnetic Field Mapping
62. Induction – Magnet Through a Coil