Resonance Air Column With Speaker

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Specially designed mini speaker is made to fit with the resonance air column. Can be used in either closed or open tube mode demonstrations, and with an efficient design to create very loud resonance.

How It Works

The Resonance Air Column has a polycarbonite tube so it will not break or chip like inferior acrylic. It includes eight plastic snap-on rings which can be sled along the tube to mark the nodes. Then a meter stick is used to read the positions of the rings. The plunger handle is make of flexible acetyl so it will not break.

The Mini Speaker is made to fit with the Resonance Air Column. It can be powered with a function generator or an 850 Universal Interface. It is also useful as a stand-alone speaker for doing interference demonstrations. Two of the essentially point sources can output the same frequency and the spatial interference pattern can be explored.


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