Doppler Rocket

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Doppler Rocket Demonstrator Video

Demonstrates a Doppler audio shift

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"Fly" this foam-covered rocket across the room and students hear the audio Doppler shift as it passes! Velocities of 10 m/s easily achieved, creating a 20 Hz shift in frequency.

Typical Applications

  • Fly It Horizontally: Pass two ropes through the center of the unit and allow students to propel the Doppler Rocket across the room at high velocities. As it approaches as recedes they will hear the change in pitch.
  • Swing It Overhead: Attach the Doppler Rocket to one end of the rope and swing it in a circular motion overhead. As it approaches the students, the pitch will sound higher, as it recedes the pitch will sound lower.
  • Play Catch: An alternative to using the ropes is to have students play a gentle game of catch with the Doppler Rocket. As the rocket approaches them, they should listen for perceived increases in pitch.



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