Sine Wave Generator

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The Sine Wave Generator is an excellent tool for generating waves with speakers or wave drivers. It allows both the frequency (1-800 Hz) and amplitude of the sine wave output to be varied. Both fine and coarse frequency controls are included and the digital display features a 0.1 Hz resolution. In addition, the generator can “learn” the fundamental frequency for a particular configuration. Students can observe the quantum nature of standing wave patterns as the Sine Wave Generator jumps from one resonant frequency to the next.

Typical Applications

  • Wave Patterns in Strings: The Sine Wave Generator can drive the following: String Vibrator, Economy Wave Driver, Mechancial Wave Driver
  • Resonant Frequencies in Air: Use the generator with the Open Speaker and Economy Resonance Tube to produce easily audible standing waves in air


  • Sine Wave Generator
  • Power Supply



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