Wireless Drop Counter

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Add the Wireless Drop Counter for your lab for more efficient and accurate titration data.

Titration experiments are core to any chemistry curriculum – now conducting a titration has never been easier! The Wireless Drop counter counts drops of titrant added during a titration and converts the drops into a volume. Use the Wireless Drop Counter, with a Wireless pH sensor, Wireless Temp sensor or Wireless Conductivity Sensor to easily perform potentiometric, thermometric and conductometric titrations.


  • Measures up to 10 drops per second
  • IR Filter assures accurate counts because room lighting cannot affect results
  • Sensor unit can suspend up to two other probes in solution, simplifying many experiments
  • Wider drop window (18 x 13 mm) means better drop detection and easier alignment with burettes
  • Splash resistant design to keep it safe from harm in wet labs
  • Automatically recalibrates for maximum sensitivity each time the unit is turned on.
  • LED drop indicator makes setup and testing easy
  • Long lasting rechargeable battery ( > 200 hours on a single charge)
  • Included materials make it easy to setup a drop dispenser and easily control drop size and flow

Typical Applications

  • Titration
  • Investigating indicators
  • Chemical reactions
  • Counting drops and measuring volume

Includes a Micro Stir Bar for even better titration data. The Micro Stir Bar connects to the end of your pH or Conductivity probe and maintains a constant constant flow of solution over the end of the electrode. Works with a standard stir plate. (Additional Micro Stir Bars are also available separately.) Also includes a Drop Dispenser plus a stainless steel rod for easy attachment to a ring stand.