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Next Generation DataLogger

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Wireless Weather Sensor

An all-in-one instrument for monitoring environmental conditions.

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Wireless Colorimeter & Turbidity

Simultaneously measures the absorbance and transmittance of six different wavelengths.

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Wireless Heart Rate

Acquire wireless measurements for continuous monitoring or initial vs. final data points.

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Wireless Exercise Heart Rate

Measures the electrical signals from the cardiac muscle, allowing the heart rate to be measured even during exercise.

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Modular Circuits

Eliminate the mess of wires with this ideal system for learning circuits. Choose from an advanced or a basic kit.

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Wireless Sensors

Wireless Temperature Sensor

Durable, wireless, high-resolution sensor covers many temperature experiments.

Wireless Light Sensor

An ambient aperture that measures light level and a directional aperture for traditional physics.

Wireless pH Sensor

Measures the pH of a solution as discrete measurements or as a continuous reading.

Wireless Voltage Sensor

Provides a +/- 15 V range with high speed sampling (up to 100,000 samples/second) available via USB.

Wireless Conductivity Sensor

An all-new design that measures both conductivity and total dissolved solids.
Highly accurate with a fast response time.

Wireless Current Sensor

Provides a +/- 1 A range with high speed
sampling (up to 100,000 samples/second) available via USB.

Wireless Force Sensor

Capable of measuring force, acceleration, and rotation individually or simultaneously.

Wireless Pressure Sensor

Wireless Pressure Sensor takes accurate and consistent measurements of gas pressure.

Wireless CO2 Sensor

Measures Carbon Dioxide gas levels wirelessly streams data to your computers, tablets, Chromebooks and smartphones.

Additional Wireless Products

Wireless Smart Cart

The New Wireless Smart Cart is the ultimate tool for your physics lab with built-in sensors that measure force, position, velocity, and 6 degrees of freedom in acceleration.

Wireless Spectrometer

Connects to tablets and computers via Bluetooth or USB for introductory spectrometry applications, providing high accuracy and resolution at a low cost.

Wireless Polarimeter

Determine degree of optical rotation of the plane polarized light, and share the results with either Bluetooth or USB through your iPad, Chromebook, Android device, or computers.

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  • A big thanks for all the help and support you provided – I want to take some time to say a big thanks for all the help and support you provided me to select the best equipment in order to make the best possible use of the funds available. It is really exceptional that you happily connected with me multiple times even during the weekend and was always motivated to help. Please accept my big thanks for this.

    Gurpreet Sidhu | Physics Instructor | University College of North | The Pas, MB

  • Wireless Spectrometer Big Hit With Students – PASCO’s wireless spectrometer has been utilized very well by our earth science and physical science teachers. It’s an excellent piece of equipment and we have very much enjoyed its addition to enriching our classroom. It definitely brings students to a higher level of understanding wave interaction at a molecular level.

    Matt Tumbach | Secondary Instructional Technology Leader | Tommy Douglas Collegiate | Saskatoon, SK

  • Excellent Smart Cart – I thought the cart was excellent. The quick sampling rate for force will be very useful for momentum and collision labs we do. I’m recommending we include this in our order for next school year.

    Reed Jeffrey | Science Department Head | Upper Canada College | Toronto ON

  • Your lab equipment is of the highest quality and technical support is always there to help. During the 25 years we have used a wide array of lab equipment including computer interfacing. Your Pasco line has a high profile in our lab and will continue to do so far into the future.

    Bob Chin | Lab Technician | Kwantlen Polytechnic University | Surrey, BC

  • Datalogging Activities are Cross-Curricular

    Throughout the province of Nova Scotia, PASCO’s probeware technology has been merged with the rollout of the new P-6 curriculum. We chose a number of sensors for use with our project-based activities. Both the functionality and mobility of PASCO’s dataloggers enable students to collect authentic, real-world data, test their hypotheses and build knowledge.

    What we find important to a successful implementation and adoption by teachers is showing that the probes are not a ‘standalone technology’. The datalogging activities are very cross-curricular and can incorporate math, english, science, and geography outcomes.

    We are excited to learn more about PASCO’s new weather sensor because our students enjoy projects where they can share and compare their data with weather stations from around the world and be part of a global community.

    Mark Richards | Technology Integration Consultant | Annapolis Valley R.S.B. | Nova Scotia

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