PIGNAT 3L Synthesis Unit With Büchner Filter – UPS3000

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Synthesis reactor at laboratory scale

Study of the various unit operations identified

  • Inorganic and organic chemical reactions
  • Evaporation at atmospheric pressure or under vacuum
  • Crystallization by controlled cooling
  • Static decanting

Select and study the influence of process parameters such as:

  • Service pressure: vacuum or atmospheric pressure
  • Stirring speed
  • Heating temperature
  • Cooling process

General Specifications

  • 3 L, SS tank, double jacket, glass cover.
  • Stirring system, speed display, PTFE coated SS stirring shaft, PTFE three-blade propeller.
  • Graduated glass feeding funnel, 1 L.
  • Reflux head and monobloc cooler, glass coil, manual reflux valve.
  • Glass coil exchanger.
  • Two glass receivers for distillate, graduated 1L.
  • Heating unit.
  • Glass vacuum trap.


  • SS thermometer inox 316 L.
  • Digital Thermometer for reflux head.
  • Vacuum manometer.
  • Flowmeter.

Dim : 130 x 70 x 185 cm – 100 kg
SS tubular framework 40 x 40mm

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