CR Clarke: 400 FD Fan Circulated Oven

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The 400FD Fan Circulated Oven is ideal for heating materials prior to dip coating, dome blowing, press forming and thermoforming.  It is also suitable for pre-drying of materials prior to vacuum forming.  All  ovens are capable of heating materials up to 350 Degrees C and are fitted with digital temperature controllers and high-quality insulation for optimum energy efficiency.


400S Stand.  Comes with shelf, positive location system for the oven, and heavy duty lockable castors.


Voltage 230V 50-60Hz
Max Current 20 Amps
Internal Dimensions 762 x 762 x 304mm
Maximum Temperature 350 Degrees C
Dimensions (Packed) 1260 x 1260 x 840mm
Weight 124kg

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