CR Clarke: A1

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The A1 Vacuum Printing Table is a freestanding unit with adjustable leveling feet. The working surface is manufactured from high quality, melamine faced board, with a perforated top surface and sandwich construction to allow vacuum to be used for workpiece holding.

A vacuum unit is supplied with the machine, and this is attached to the stand shelf. There is a hinged frame for screen holding, with height adjustment at both front and rear to provide a fully adjustable snap distance from screen to substrate. The frame has sliding screen mounting channels which allow screens of different shapes, sizes and thicknesses to be used.

The frame has an adjustable balance weight so that it lifts easily with any type of screen, and the movement of the frame also controls the vacuum to the table, automatically disconnecting it when the frame is raised.

There are controls underneath the table to switch the vacuum and also to adjust the lifting angle of the frame for ease of operation.


Voltage 230V 50-60Hz
Max Current 2 Amps
Vacuum Table Size 840 X 594mm
Maximum Screen Size 1040x725mm
Dimensions 1092x1200x900mm
Weight 68kg

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