PIGNAT Aerobic Treatment – TAE1000


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Pollution control for municipal effluents by biological treatment in an aerobic medium.

Study of mass loads and hydraulic loads for the process:

  • Biomass balance
  • Pollution balance by monitoring the COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand)

Determine the specific characteristics of the medium:

  • Measure SS (Suspended Solids).
  • Quality of the medium by monitoring the redox potential and the pH potential

Treatment in aerobic and anoxic media:

  • Variation of aeration conditions for the aerobic pool

General Specifications

  • Pollution circuitry:
    • Tank, 200 L, polyethylene, on independent mobile framework.
      Peristaltic pump, variable flow rate.
  • Aerobic vessel:
    • Rectangular clear PVC tank, 60 L, conic bottom.
    • Removable lid with support for probes pH, Redox and O2.
    • Two flow levels towards the settler at 30 and 60 L.
    • Stirring, Stainless steel stirring batch and mobile, Rushton turbine.
    • Adjustable stirring speed and height.
  • Aeration circuitry:
    • Diaphragm compressor.
    • Air injection circuitry,  PVC sparger immersed into the aerobic vessel.
  • Settler:
    • 30L clear PVC cylinder-cone settler, overflow of treated water.
    • Removable lid with support for sludge veil probe.
    • Stainless steel sludge-scrapper, fixed speed : 1 rpm.
    • Membrane pump, sequential operation through a settable programmer.

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