PIGNAT Air Temperature Sensors – BCT1200



Study and compare different temperature sensor technologies:

  • Probe Pt 100 Ω
  • Probe Pt 100 Ω three wires of A class
  • Dilatation thermometer
  • J thermocouple probe
  • K thermocouple probe

Set parameters and configure measurement devices (indicators and converters):

  • Concept of calibration

Study a temperature control loop (optional)

General Specifications

  • Oven electrically heated with probe supporting device.
  • Protection grid to prevent burning.
  • Protection by safety thermostat.
  • Cooling fan.
  • Dewar vase.


  • Differential pressure transmitter.
  • Reference probe Pt 100 Ω.
  • Neutral gas dilation thermometer, diameter 100mm.
  • Probe Pt 100 Ω three wires of A class under SS mantle, maxi temperature 450°C.
  • J thermocouple probe, SS, maxi temperature 800°C.
  • K thermocouple probe Inconel 600 maxi temperature 1150°C.
  • PID configurable controller.
  • The 4-20mA signals available on wiring terminals Ø 4mm.

Dim : 80 x 60 x 80 cm – 50 kg
Aluminum profile framework 30 x 30 mm

For a complete product data sheet and a list of reference sites please call 1-877-967-2726.