PIGNAT Automate Model – MPA2000



Simulation of automated manufacturing process:

  • Management preparation mixture from other tanks

Study of a controlled system:

  • With two controllers on the network
  • Can be decomposed into two subsystems

Implementation of practical work and automation logic:

  • Management levels AON, analog levels, pumps
  • On / off stirring
  • Opening filling valves, drain valves
  • Signals available at the front for achievements / O tests

General Specifications

  • 70 L, PVC, tank with transparent front, balancing and drain valve with siphon valve.
  • Submerged pump.
  • Filling electro valves, Kv = 11 L/min.
  • Upper tank, 3,5 L, in PVC and PMMA, with, draining electro valve.
  • Lower tank: 8 L, in PVC and PMMA, with, draining electrovalve.
  • Stirring: motor with variable speed.
  • Quick connectors for dual shutter interconnection of the two subsystems.


  • Differential pressure sensor.
  • 6 float level sensor.
  • The 4-20mA signals available on wiring terminals Ø 4mm.

Dim : 2(80 x 50 x 160) cm – 100 kg
Aluminum profile framework

For a complete product data sheet and a list of reference sites please call 1-877-967-2726.