TecQuipment Automatic Data Acquisition Unit – STR2000

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A computer interface module with ADA software that allows the hardware experiments in TecQuipment’s Structures Range to be interfaced to a PC (not included).

The Automatic Data Acquisition Unit is an interface box with software that connects experiments from the TecQuipment Structures range to a suitable computer. It allows data logging, analysis and extra ‘virtual’ simulated experiments. It accepts inputs from a digital force display, a digital strain display, an angular sensor and digital deflection indicators. It converts these inputs into the correct data signals for the computer. The software can then analyse the data and create tables and charts.

The software can also simulate experiments which students can perform using the hardware, so they can compare simulated and real results.

Key features:

  • Computer interface and TecQuipment’s Structures Software (STRS) to display and collect data from any of the experiment modules in TecQuipment’s Structures range (STR2 to STR20)
  • Includes TecQuipment’s powerful Structures Software to do two things: display and collect data, and allow ‘virtual’ simulated experiments
  • Interface unit links to load cells and other instruments in the Structures range to send data to a suitable computer
  • Allows students to compare results from actual experiments with results from simulation software
  • Simple connection to most modern computers – no need to add any extra circuit boards
  • Fully automatic – needs no adjustments or complicated set-up procedures on your computer

Learning outcomes:

  • Virtual Structures experiments

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