Bosch Rexroth Basic Knowledge of Energy Efficiency – eLearning



Energy is becoming more scarce and expensive all the time. At the same time, demand is on the rise. The focus today is therefore on technologies that help to resolve the problem.

Intelligent automation solutions make an essential contribution, provided that people are sensitized to the topic of energy efficiency and work to optimize the way energy is used. In this eLearning, we convey the basic information you need to know about energy efficiency.

Course Content:

  • Energy is a scarce resource
  • Definition of energy efficiency
  • General conditions
  • Energy efficiency in companies
  • Rexroth 4EE system
  • Useful information about energy efficiency

Scope and duration of learning:

  • 1 learning module, 43 training pages, 15 test questions
  • Course duration approx. 1 to 2 hours
  • Available in English
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