Bosch Rexroth Basic Knowledge of Pneumatics – eLearning



From the function and properties of selected components to the design of pneumatic circuit diagrams, all the basic principles that pneumatic professionals need are offered in this eLearning course.

Course Content:

  • Introduction to pneumatics
  • Basic physical principles of pneumatics
  • Generating and drying of compressed air, types of compressor – Maintenance units for conditioning, compressed-air networks
  • Directional, flow, pressure, and isolator valves
  • Pneumatic drives
  • Graphical drives
  • Graphical symbols, wiring diagrams i.a.w. ISO 1219
  • Basics on designing components
  • Basic pneumatic circuitry

Scope and duration of learning:

  • 9 learning modules, 330 training pages, 56 test questions
  • Course duration approx. 10 to 15 hours
  • Available in English and French
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