PIGNAT Centrifugal Pumps Study and Maintenance – BSP2000


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Study the conditions for installing and commissioning a centrifugal pump

Study a self-contained centrifugal pump:

  • In suction and load
  • Determine characteristic TDH (total dynamic head) graphs vs flow rate:
    • At constant speed
    • For different rotation speeds (optional)

Simulate faults and study common maintenance problems:

  • Clogged pipe at the inlet
  • Priming problems
  • Inlet throttling (observe cavitation phenomenon)
  • Direction of rotation of pump motor

General Specifications

  • 60 L tank.
  • Single piece centrifugal pump in ss with transparent flange
  • Suction pipe with strainer and check valve.
  • Draining valve.
  • Diaphragm valve.


  • Vacuum manometer.
  • Manometer.
  • Flowmeter.

Dim (framework): 150 x 65 x 190 cm – 60 kg
Aluminum profile framework

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