TecQuipment Coandă Effect and Jet Flow – AF16

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An experimental module for use with the AF10 Air Flow Bench (not included) to investigate the effect of a jet attaching to an adjacent wall examining the Coanda effect evaluation of attachment & separation and demonstration of a fluidic switch/flip-flop (fluidics).

This module consists of an aerodynamically shaped nozzle from which a jet of air emerges. This flows against a wall to which it attaches. The wall may be rotated to show the deflection of the jet through large angles due to the Coandă effect.

A second wall may be introduced at the other side of the jet, which may be switched from one side to the other, as is done in a fluidic flip-flop type switch. The effect of sealing the walls and adding a central splitter to the device are also investigated.

Key features:

  • One of a series of eight experiment modules that fi ts to the Modular Air Flow Bench (AF10)
  • Shows an example of how the phenomena of fluid mechanics can be exploited to perform a useful task – a fluidic flip-fl op
  • Toggle clamp connections to the Modular Air Flow Bench contraction for quick and easy fitment
  • Transparent fronted test duct with clearly printed scales allows the experiment to be clearly seen and components accurately positioned
  • Effectively demonstrates the Coandă effect

Learning Outcomes:

  • Demonstration of the Coanda effect.
  • Demonstration of the fluidic flip-flop.

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