PASCO Complete Thermal Radiation System – TD-8855

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With the Radiation Sensor, a versatile Radiation Cube and the Stefan-Boltzman Lamp, four key experiments in thermal radiation can be performed.

Students begin with a study of thermal radiation from different types of surfaces at the same temperature. The Thermal Radiation Cube has four different surfaces which can be monitored (black matte, white matte, polished aluminum and dull aluminum). The cube is heated electrically with a 100-watt bulb (its output can be varied). The thick aluminum walls assure the same temperature on all four walls to within a fraction of a degree. The Radiation Sensor provides an accurate measure of thermal radiation throughout the infrared region. Its output is a voltage that is proportional to the intensity of radiation.

Another important introductory experiment is the Inverse Square Law. The Stefan-Boltzman Lamp uses a special bulb to provide a near-perfect point source, providing accurate results.

Finally, students can verify the Stefan-Boltzman Law for both low and high temperatures using the Radiation Cube for the low temperatures and the Stefan-Boltzman Lamp for the high temperatures.


  • Thermal Radiation Cube (Leslie’s Cube) (TD-8554A)
  • Stefan-Boltzmann Lamp (TD-8555)
  • Radiation Sensor (TD-8553)