PASCO Comprehensive Materials Testing System – ME-8244


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System includes everything needed to study material testing: Testing Machine with attachments, test samples, and computer software. PASCO Capstone Workbooks include set-up instructions, theory, and detailed analysis questions. Sturdy plastic base provides convenient storage for accessories.


  • Photoelasticity Accessory (ME-8241)
  • Structures Beam Fixture (ME-8242)
  • Clevis Grip (ME-8245)
  • 10-32 Adapter (ME-8246)
  • Compression Accessory (ME-8247)
  • Four-point Load Anvil (ME-8249)
  • Steel Tensile Sample (ME-8243)
  • Aluminum Tensile Sample (ME-8231)
  • Brass Tensile Sample (ME-8232)
  • Annealed Steel Tensile Sample (ME-8233)
  • Acrylic Tensile Sample (ME-8234)
  • Polyethylene Tensile Sample (ME-8235)
  • Materials Testing Machine (ME-8236)
  • Bending Accessory (ME-8237)
  • Flat Coupon Fixture (ME-8238)
  • Shear Accessory (ME-8239)
  • Materials System Storage Base (ME-8229)
  • Thin I-Beams (ME-7012)
  • Cast Beam Spares Set (ME-6983)
  • Stress Strain Apparatus Coupons – Plastic (AP-8222)
  • Stress Strain Apparatus Coupons – Metal (AP-8223)
  • AirLink (PS-3200)
  • PASCO Capstone Single User License (UI-5401)