PIGNAT Concentration Crystallization – CCE2000



Study and observe the concentration crystallization process on syrups, juices and milk.

  • Batch evaporation/crystallization under reduced pressure
  • Boiling and concentration of food preparations.
  • Study different types of stirrers:
    • Three-blade propeller
    • Turbine
    • Anchor

Proposed experiments:

  1. Concentration of dairy products:
    • Observe concentration
    • Observe foaming
  2. Concentrate then crystallize sugar solution.
  3. Study the influence of different stirrer blades on final product quality.
  4. Clean the unit.

Technical description:

  • Glass tank, ND 300, 25L, ND 300 SS insulated jacketed bottom, retention free draining valve. ND 300 SS collar with steam ND 50 inlet and supporting four removable counter-paddles.
  • Flat SS removable lid, temperature probe, loading opening by ND 50 clamp
  • Stirring, motor, variable speed drive, measurement of rotation speed by capacitive transmitter. ID 30 stirring shaft, three mobiles : profiled threepaddles impeller, Rushton turbine, anchor.
  • 500 mL glass funnel, control valve.
  • Glass shell and SS coil condenser. Surface : 0.2 m², bottling funnel at the bottom of the condenser.
  • 10L graduated glass receiver, selection, vacuum, vent and draining valves.
  • Vacuum circuitry: vacuum pump, general vent valve, control valve, vacuum disc valve, vacuum gauge, condenser balancing, receiver isolating valve with vacuum gauge.
  • Water circuitry: Pressure reducer, control valves, flow meter, temperature probes on condenser inlet and outlet.
  • Steam circuitry : isolating valve, pressure reducer, manometer, control valve, two three-way valves, steam strap.
  • Mechanical hoist.


  • 3 temperature probes Pt100Ω.
  • 2 vacuum gauges.
  • 2 pressure gauges.
  • 2 flowmeters.

Dim : 250 x 70 x 300cm – 250 kg
SS tubular framework 40 x 40mm

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