PIGNAT Continuous Distillation – DVI3000


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Operate a continuous distillation process

The distillation process separates several volatile liquids, simple or complex mixtures, by a series of vaporization and condensation steps. A number of liquids may be separated in this way if their boiling points are sufficiently different. Continuous distillation separates a mixture into fractions: a volatile fraction, the distillate extracted at the column head and a heavy fraction, the residue extracted at the bottom of the column.


  • Hydrodynamic study of the column to determine overflooding conditions and/or determine packing factor
  • Operate a continuous process to determine materials balance, thermal balance, yield, productivity.


  • Feed rate, preheating temperature, reflux ratio, and column pressure drop can be manipulated
  • The unit can work in batch or in continuous and with a vaccuum

Proposed Experiments:

  • Technical data:
    • Column hydrodynamics with water
    • Rectification of a binary water-ethanol mixure
  • Operations in continuous mode:
    • Study of a packed column
    • Determine the efficiency of the column by the McCabe-Thiele method (number of theoretical plates).

Technical Description:

  1. 20 L polyethylene tank.
  2. Dosing pump, flow meter 0 to 16 L/h; 4-20 mA.
  3. Electrical pre-heater 1 kW, temperature sensor Pt 100 W, SS float-type water level control device, relief valve, sampling valve.
  4. Feeding manifold with three valves.
  5. Electric Heater (boiler) ND 200, capacity 6 L glass shell heater. SS clip equipped with a 2 kW, Ex technological electrical resistance, SS float-type level control device, Temperature sensor Pt 100 Ω, ND 25 loading hatch, overflow tube, three draining valves, one enabling to work in batch mode.
  6. Column with three 2″ glass sections with removable heating insulation, 10 perforated trays three SS plates for SS sampling valve and temperature sensor measurement Pt 100 Ω.
  7. TND 50 glass reflux head, glass magnetic valve actuated by solenoid, temperature sensor Pt 100 Ω.
  8. Glass condenser, stainless steel coil
  9. SS refrigerant, sampling valve
  10. ND 50 1 L glass graduated receiver, draining valve.
  11. 10 L polyethylene tank.
  12. Stainless steel refrigerant.
  13. ND 50 1 L glass graduated receiver, draining valve.
  14. 10 L polyethylene tank.
  15. Cold water circuit equipped with two temperature sensors Pt 100 Ω, water condenser inlets and outlets, flow meter transmitter 0 to 500 L/h, feed pressure reducing valve.

General Specifications 

  • Metering pump.
  • Electrical pre-heater.
  • 3 feeding level on the column.
  • 6 L glass shell heater equipped with a resistance overflow tube.
  • Glass Column with Multiknit packing and SS Sampling flange.
  • Glass reflux head, with reflux dividing solenoid valve.
  • SS & glass coil condenser.
  • 2 graduated glass receivers, 1 L.


– Venting thermostate.

– Pressure relief on the preheater.


  • Temperature probes Pt100Ω.
  • 1 differential pressure transmitter.
  • 1 flowmeter.
  • 1 level sensor.
  • 1 touch screen with data acquisition.

Dim : 150 x 70 x 240 cm – 150 kg

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