TecQuipment Damper Kit for TM164 Mass/Spring – TM164A

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Damper pot, connecting rod and disc for use with the TM164 Free Vibrations of a Mass Spring System.

Students may fit an optional Damper Kit (TM164a) to test how viscous damping affects the system oscillations.

This simple piston disc and cylinder form a dash-pot damper that fits to the guide rods under the platform. It works with easily found non-toxic fluids (not supplied) for different damping levels. For example: water and vegetable oil will produce light damping, while castor oil produces heavy damping.

Students may try their own fluids (provided they are safe and do not damage the equipment) and their own piston discs for project work.

When using the Damper Kit, VDAS can fit its displayed data to under-damped and over-damped viscous damping models.

Note: You may purchase any number of damper kits to make the change between the various fluids more convenient.

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