ERIDES Diagnosis of Refrigeration Faults – BDPF10

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The installation is built in anodized aluminum profiles on directional castors with brake. An electricity supply is required and a receiving beaker is installed under the equipment to collect the condensate which flows down under gravity. The unit can be put into fault mode by the teacher, either via solenoid valves to simulate faults originating from the actual refrigeration process, or via relay to simulate electrical faults. The valves and relays are controlled via remote control and the student cannot know before hand, what type of break down has occurred. It is up to the student to investigate the cause of malfunction or breakdown, to determine the origin and to diagnose the correct solutions. All the component parts of the installation are of industrial origin and are easily accessible. The refrigerant used is R134a which is universally accepted by the new European regulation. Pressure gauges and a portable probe thermometer are provided to allow for the analysis and plotting of the refrigeration cycle. A multi-meter is provided to allow for the measurement of tension, intensity, power, cos_, and to assist the student in diagnosis.