CR Clarke: 1575 Diamond Edge Polisher

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The new 1575 Diamond Edge Polisher from CR Clarke and Co allows users to obtain crystal clear finishes on plastics up to 1500mm long and up to 125mm thick. Material to be polished is clamped firmly to the work table of the machine giving maximum support and rigidity. Multiple pneumatic clamping cylinders give the ultimate in work holding for most sizes of component, with adjustable clamping pressure for delicate parts. Vacuum clamping chucks are also available to order for pieces that cannot be held mechanically.

The diamond tipped cutter hub is mounted onto an inverter controlled, high frequency spindle. The cutter assembly runs across the material on precision linear rails, giving a smooth and accurate polish. Cutter hubs are available in either full gloss or satin version.

The 1575 can be adjusted to remove from 0.5 to 1.25mm of material per pass.

Cutter speed and traverse rate are controlled through a PLC (programmable logic controller), with a panel mounted LCD display giving feedback to the operator at all times. All of these adjustments can be made “on the fly”, reducing the setup between jobs.

Extensive field trials have been carried out to ensure the reliability and performance of the 1575.


Voltage 230V 50-60Hz
Max Current 10A
Dimensions 2250x 1040x 1750mm
Weight 750kg

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