PIGNAT Ebulliometer Under Vacuum – EEA2000


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Study of liquid-vapour equilibria under a vaccuum using a bench top ebulliometer


  • Theoretical study of binary mixtures
    • Ideal miscible mixtures: Dalton’s equation, Raoult’s equation
    • Non-ideal miscible mixtures (deviation, volatility, azeotropic mixtures)
    • Partially-miscible and non-miscible mixtures
  • Experimental study of binary mixtures
    • At atmospheric pressure and under vacuum
    • Liquid-vapor phase diagram
    • Boiling and condensation isobaric phase diagram.
    • Application to rectification: calculating the number of theoretical plates

Proposed Experiments:

  • Isobaric study of a binary mixture:
    • Sequential or semi-continuous method.
    • Analyse the composition of the liquid and vapour phases.
  • Apply the results:
    • Plot the liquid-vapour equilibrium diagram at various pressures
    • Plot the boiling and condensation isobaric phase diagram at various pressures.
    • Compare the diagrams.
    • Determine the number of theoretical plates by the McCabe-Thiele method.
    • Determine the relative and actual volatility.

Technical Description:

  1. Adiabatic ebulliometric chamber, 300 mL, liquid phase take off.
  2. Electric resistance.
  3. Coolant, double effect glass, condensed vapour phase extraction valve.
  4. Vacuum circuit : isolating valve, solenoid valve, adjustment valve, safety valve, vent valve, isolating valve from the process, vacuum connection device and absolute pressure transmitter
  5. Unit delivered with 10 sampling tubes of 20 mL.


  • Temperature probe Pt100Ω.
  • Absolute pressure transmitter.

Dim : 80 x 55 x 110 cm – 60 kg
Aluminum profile framework

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