Matrix: Electronic Flight Information Systems – EFIS


The Matrix Electronic Flight Information System consists of an EFIS with LCD display, user controls, compass sensor, altitude sensor and a Locktronics board with additional potentiometers mimicking further sensors on an aircraft.

The sensors and the EFIS are connected with CAN bus. Students use this system and PC based diagnostic software to understand how complex computer based flight systems are made from separate electronic modules linked by multiplexed signals on a serial data bus – in this case the CAN bus. Fault finding with multimeters and oscilloscopes is included.

The system links to our microcontrollers training package so that students can understand system operation at a low level.

An 50 page manual is included. This is a student centred course that will take around 5 hours to complete.

Learning objectives

  • Hexadecimal, decimal and binary number systems
  • Message multiplexing
  • Interconnection of electronics modules in aircraft systems
  • Sensors in aircraft
  • CAN/ARINC 825 bus systems in aircraft
  • CAN/ARINC 825 bus fault-finding with a multimeter
  • CAN/ARINC 825 bus fault-finding with an oscilloscope
  • Built-in test, monitoring and fault-finding
  • Fly-by-wire systems
  • CAN bus message structure and protocol
  • Electronic Flight Information Systems
  • PC-based diagnosis software tools
  • Use of GPS.