ERIDES Positive Cold Room – BCFP 10


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The installation is built in anodized aluminum profiles on directional castors with brake.

An electricity supply is required and a receiving beaker is installed at the bottom of the equipment to collect the condensate which flows down under gravity.

The small electrical box (Professor) manages the electrical safety devices, safety pressure switch, trapped person alarm and emergency stop.
This bench allows the study of a cold room, the concrete realization of a portion of the refrigerant circuit, wiring and setting the terms of the regulation.

All the component parts of the installation are of industrial origin and are easily accessible.

The large electrical control box (Student) is at working height for easy access and configuration. On the door, switches, push buttons and LEDs, as well as inside electrical components, can be eventually re-wired for training purpose, because all their connections arrive at terminals in lower part.

The used refrigerant is R134a which is universally accepted by the new European regulation.