TecQuipment Extended Surface Heat Transfer – TD1002C

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An experimental module to show the temperature gradient of a long thin horizontal member that is free to lose heat by natural convection and radiation.

This experiment has a thin solid bar with an electric heater (heat source) at one end. It mounts on a base plate with a clear schematic of the experiment layout. The bar has a matte black coating for a consistent and predictable emissivity value. Thermocouples measure the temperature along the surface of the bar at equally spaced intervals. The electric heater and thermocouples connect to sockets on the Heat Transfer Experiments Base Unit.

Heat conducts along the bar and transfers to the local surroundings by natural convection and radiation. Students use initial test results to predict the temperatures and heat flow along the bar.

Key features:

  • One of four optional experiments for the Heat Transfer Experiments base unit (TD1002)
  • Fits quickly and easily onto the Heat Transfer Experiments Base Unit and water connections have self-sealing quick connectors – needs no tools
  • Shows how a long thin rod conducts heat along it and how heat is lost due to radiation and convection
  • Clear schematic printed on the baseplate aids student understanding
  • An ideal practical example of combined heat transfer
  • Safe, low-voltage heater with over-temperature cut-out

Learning outcomes:

  • To show how heat transfers from the surface of a solid bar or rod
  • To show the temperatures on, and heat flow through, the solid bar to its surroundings

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