FEEDBACK Antenna System Demonstrator

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Understanding of Antennas and their various uses operating between 650-4400Mhz. Looking at the forward gain, beam width, front to back ratio, polarisation and return losses.

  • Dipole in Free Space
  • Effects of the surroundings
  • Monopoles & Phased Monopoles
  • Multi-Element, Stacked & Bayed Arrays
  • Log Periodic, Horn & Dish Antennas

The AntennaLab is an integrated package of hardware and software for teaching and demonstrating common antenna configurations at all levels of study.

It can also be used as a design tool by those engaged in research and development of antenna systems. AntennaLab is operated in conjunction with a PC and the whole system can easily be accommodated on a standard laboratory bench.

The equipment comprises two towers, approximately 1 metre high, one of which contains a low-power generator controlled by a frequency synthesizer, and a motor/shaft encoder assembly to rotate the antenna under test.

The antenna being investigated is mounted on a small platform on top of this tower. The „receiver” tower contains a receiver controlled by a frequency synthesizer and produces a d.c. output representing the received signal intensity.

A broad-band array of log periodic antennas is mounted on this tower and is not changed in normal use. The receiver and generator synthesizers are synchronised, the two tower assemblies being linked by a five-metre multiway cable carrying both power and data.

The “generator” tower is linked to the microcomputer. A selection of components is supplied with the system to enable most of the common antenna types to be constructed.

The measurements are controlled, and the results plotted by the microcomputer. The unique and powerful software provides the test interface & provides high quality graphical displays. There are no user adjustments required on the equipment itself, although it is necessary to connect up the required RF configuration for specific measurements.

The results are quantitative and, within the limits of environmental factors, agree with theory.


1 57-300 AntennaLab 2.0 (USB)FB
1 93-420 ESPIAL Software PackageFB
1 57-300-SW ESPIAL AntennaLab Course SoftwareFB

Additionally required: 1 PC with Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10 (x86 or x64)