FEEDBACK Dissectible Electrical Machines Training System

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Fully customisable unit in component format.

Build and test characteristics of over 50 different types of motors and generators, reducing the space needed for 50
individual machines covering

1ph & 3ph
Capacitor Start
Induction Machine
Squirrel Cage

The experiments are carried out using assembly kits for the educationally designed electrical machines. This requires simple tools such as screwdrivers and pliers.


  • Explanation of the components of an electric motor
  • Fundamentals of electromagnetism
  • DC motors
  • Generators
  • Series-wound, shunt-wound and compound-wound motors
  • Single-phase and three-phase AC motors and generators
  • Series-wound, universal and single-phase capacitor motors
  • Repulsion, split-phase, shaded-pole and stepper motors
  • Faults with electric motors

This training system allows electrical machines to be assembled from individual components and investigated. The topics are highly varied and range from the fundamentals of magnetic fields to commutator and three-phase machines. All the relevant components are visible and only need to be mechanically assembled or electrically connected.

The electrical machine training system utilises the modular concept of the electrical machine teaching models system but using mains voltage (three-phase 400 V). This allows small commercial machines to be assembled step by step in practical laboratory experiments and their ratings can then be determined using the Machine test system 0.3. The procedures for the experiments are contained in a printed manual.

The target group is made up of commercial apprentices and students of power engineering. The course offers experiments at an intermediate level for vocational colleges and undergraduate level.

The MPS set: Electrical machines training system is (762 102) not available in all countries. Please consult your dealer.


  • Recording of torque-speed characteristic
  • Determination of nominal ratings for an electrical machine
  • Comparison of efficiency for various machines

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Main components:

1 62-100 Dissectible Machines Tutor, basic componentsFB
1 731 9895 EMT adaptor setLD
1 731 989USB Machine test system 0.3LD
1 731 06 Coupling 0.3LD
1 728 421 CBM10 MOMO/FCCPLD
1 731 081 Coupling guard 0.3 transparentLD
1 745 561 * Power circuit breaker moduleLD


1 1160-62005 62-005 MANUAL SETFB
1 727 100 * Power Analyser CASSYLD
1 524 220 * CASSY Lab 2LD


Power supply:
1 725 721G Three-phase generator in caseLD
1 90-100 Dissectible Machines StorageFB
1 726 09 * Panel frame T130, two-levelLD
1 500 851 * Safety connecting leads, 32 A, set of 32LD
1 500 852 * Safety connecting leads, 32 A, yellow/green, set of 10LD

Additionaly recommended:PC with Windows 7/8/10
Articles marked with * are not essential, we do however recommend them to carry out the experiment.