PIGNAT Filtration On Sand – FSA3000



Filtration in bulk:

Filtration in bulk entails a solution flowing through a porous bed of solid granular particles (sand, beads, etc.). The materials in suspension are trapped in the intergranular spaces. The operation of the filter is generally monitored by a final water quality check and by the total pressure drop across the bed. The bed type, its height and the feed rate are key factors in the

One natural application of this type of filtration is in lagooning pools as it allows optimal filtration of water flowing out of municipal waste water treatment facilities.


  • 2nd Step of the drinkable water line LPE/2000
  • Monitoring water quality during filtration


  • Study of the filtration process:
    • Permeability of the medium to water
    • Monitor pressure drops in the bed of sand over time
    • Observe the saturation front and the clogging of the bed

Proposed experiments:

  • Filtration of a solution of copper sulphate flocs.
  • Study of porous medium:
    • Determine the permeability of sand to water.
    • Study of the saturation front.
    • Measurements of pressure drops in different heights of the sand bed.
    • Evolution of pressure drops during the experiment.
  • Study of the process efficiency
  • Regeneration of the bed by fluidization with municipal water.

Technical Description:

  1. Raw water storage tank, 90 L, polyethylene, graduated. Removable lid and draining valve.
  2. Centrifugal pump, by-pass and draining valves, low level detector.
  3. Flowmeter and setting valve of feeding rate.
  4. Column, DN 100, height 1300 mm, retention grids at the top and bottom of the column, manometers at inlet and outlet, isolation and draining valves.
  5. Eleven piezometric tubes to measure pressure drops. Manual air pump, isolating and draining valves.
  6. Flowmeter and setting valve of production rate.
  7. Cyclone, PVC, overtopping flow, isolating and draining valves.
  8. Set of valves for circuit selection : filtration or bed fluidization.
  9. Compressed air circuit, manometer and flow regulating valve, isolating valve and sparger immersed in the tank.
  10. Water circuit, general isolating valve, tank feeding valve, column feeding valve for rinsing.


  • 2 flowmeters.
  • 2 manometers.

Dim : 210 x 60 x 230 cm – 150 kg
SS tubular framework 40 x 40mm

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